past perfect-przeszły dokonany

Tworzenie czasu:


Zdania twierdzące

orzeczenie w past simple podmiot  had  czasownik PP orzeczenie w past simple
When Tom arrived late at night Susan had already gone to bed.
--- I had written a book.
--- I had gave her photo, which I had made yesterday.

Pytania ogólne (yes/no questions)

had podmiot czasownik PP reszta orzeczenia
Had she already watched the movie before he arrived home?
Had you done your lessons before leave to disco?
Had you cleaned the kitchen by the time when aunt arrive?

Pytania szczegółowe

wyraz pytający had podmiot czasownik PP reszta orzeczenia
Whom had you meet beforey ou had arrived?
What had sprinter run across the finish line beforea ll?
If had Susan learnt all chapter beforen earest lesson?

Pytania o podmiot

wyraz pytający had czasownik PP reszta orzeczenia
Who had done it so fast?
Who had been there before us?
Who had arrived first to America?

Zdania przeczące

podmiot had +not czasownik PP reszta orzeczenia
He had not driven a car beforet hen he has an accident.
He had not been in Krakow beforeh e went to study on university.
We had not bought a flat beforef ound a work.

do góry

    Happiness is the by - product ov an effort to make someone else happy.