present simple-teraźniejszy prosty

Tworzenie czasu:

Końcówki czasowników (wyjątki)

forma podstawowa 3 osoba l. pojedynczej przykłady
-ss, -sh, -ch, -x, -o, -s -es catch -catches
-y -ies fly -flies
samogłoska + -y -s play -plays


Czasowniki pełniące rolę operatora w present simple: am/ are/is/do/does/have/has.

Zdania twierdzące

podmiot Czasownik reszta orzeczenia
He (ever) goes to change for better.
He has breakfast like usually about noon.
I like boxing.
My name IsAdam.
There are some books.

Pytania ogólne (yes/no questions)

podmiot Czasownik reszta orzeczenia
Are you busy now?
Have you got a dog?
Is that --- Susan?
Are you sure about it?
Does he do his the bicycle tour.
Do I ride a bike?
Have you --- a dictionary

Pytania szczegółowe

wyraz pytający operatory:
podmiot czasownik reszta orzeczenia
Where do we do our the next lesson?
Whom are you want be?
What colour are your --- Eyes?
Where are you --- From?
How long are you ---here for?
What are they talk about?

Pytania o podmiot

wyraz pytający czasownik reszta orzeczenia
Who can drive a car?
Who wants to come?
Where find Him?

Zdanie przeczące

podmiot am/are/is/do/does/have/has +not czasownik reszta orzeczenia
He does not do his homework.
I am not --- a horse.
I am not --- American.
Mark and Barbara are not --- English.
No, he is not. --- ---

do góry

    Conversation between Adam and Eve must have been difficult at times because they had nobody to talk about.